design series classic for iphone 8 plus

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design series classic for iphone 8 plus

design series classic for iphone 8 plus design series classic for iphone 8 plus design series classic for iphone 8 plus design series classic for iphone 8 plus design series classic for iphone 8 plus design series classic for iphone 8 plus

design series classic for iphone 8 plus

But none of these tidbits are as interesting to me as one other piece of information from Thurrott's source. Supposedly, Windows Phone Blue will work on devices with 7- to 10-inch screens. Right now, Microsoft prohibits OEMs from putting the Windows Phone OS on new devices with those screen sizes; their only choice, if they want Windows, is to go either Windows RT or Windows 8. As I've reported previously, the coming GDR3 update for Windows Phone 8 will support devices with 5- and 6-inch screens, like the expected Nokia "Bandit" Lumia 1520 phablet, for example.

Remember: Microsoft's own OS design series classic for iphone 8 plus chief, Terry Myerson, recently said publicly that "as phones extend into tablets, expect us to see many more ARM tablets, Windows ARM tablets in the future."I'm thinking this could mean Microsoft ends up dropping the Windows RT name and instead goes for a single unified OS brand across devices, Whether this ultimately is called "Windows Phone OS" or just "Windows" (or something else all together) will be interesting to see, Whatever it's called, this branded OS should, I'd think, work on ARM-based phones and ARM-based tablets..

It's funny to think of it this way, but after a number of us called for Microsoft to make Windows Phone OS the Microsoft solution for tablets, we just might get our wish, albeit two or three years later than we asked.. This story originally appeared as "Could Windows Phone Blue be Microsoft's next tablet OS?" on ZDNet. Will the next major version of the Windows Phone OS work on 7- to 10-inch devices? The latest Windows Phone rumors indicate it might be possible. Could the Windows Phone operating system become Microsoft's OS of choice for 7- to 10-inch tablets?.

Digg Reader is one of a host of apps and services that sprung up to replace Google Reader, a service for reading RSS and Atom feeds that some Web sites make available for people who want to see when things like new blog posts arrive, Although millions used Google Reader, the company didn't deem it mainstream enough to keep around, Also on Wednesday, Digg released an update to its Digg Reader app for Android, design series classic for iphone 8 plus The new version has an option to show only unread items and folders with unread items, and it keeps that status synchronized across the mobile and browser-based incarnations of Digg Reader, It also fixes some bugs and scrolls more smoothly, Digg said..

An extension eases use of Digg's service for reading Web site content sent over RSS feeds. Also new: an Android app that stays in sync better. Digg Reader, one of the leading contenders for those looking to replace the now-extinct Google Reader, now has a Chrome extension that lets people subscribe to new feeds more easily. The extension adds an icon to Chrome's status bar; clicking on it offers an option for people to add updates from an feed-enabled that means a single click, according to ablog post Wednesday by Jon Ferrer, the company's chief marketing officer and front-end developer. It also shows how many unread items you have in your feed and lets you open Digg Reader in a new tab.

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